make  your coat of arms

About Us

Make Your Coat of Arms is an extension of FamilyIQ's popular family education website. FamilyIQ specializes in helping individuals, couples, and parents learn skills that result in better personal relationships, happier family relationships, and more effective parenting of children and teenagers. FamilyIQ provides online courses, tests and support that help you learn more about yourself, your partner and your family and how to be a better parent.

One of the most popular courses offered on FamilyIQ has been and continues to be, the "build your family coat of arms course," which you can take for free right here on As a result of the courses popularity and requests from FamilyIQ's membership community, we have created

Make Your Coat of Arms is intended to be a source for family gathering, communication and sharing of family values amongst yourselves. In today's busy world, families often don't take the time to eat dinner together, let alone discuss their family values. It is our hope that by creating your own coat of arms, you will take a few minutes to consider your values that have made your family who it is today and the values that will guide you in the future.

We encourage you to wear your values with pride, if you choose to order a product with your new family coat of arms, terrific! We think you will be so delighted with your coat of arms creation that you will want to wear it with pride on a t-shirt or display it on a clock on your wall. However, you are in no obligation to do purchase anything. The greatest value we can provide is the time you have spent creating your coat of arms with your family.

We hope you have fun building your coat of arms! get started